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The WalkToIsrael (W2I) program has just been made available to Jewish organizations and schools around the world to help unite their members or students and get them healthy after months of being indoors; while also helping them raise money in a fun and creative way. All funds will go directly to your shul or school, minus the platform and credit card fees (15%-20%.) There is also a small registration fee for the walkers. Your shul members or students will challenge themselves to WALK 100 miles in about 30-45 days, that is about 3-5 miles each day.  At the same time they will be helping their shul or school raise money as a united team.


In conjunction with W2I, Rabbiscanrun (RCR) is organizing a team just for Rabbis that will provide personalized training and instruction for running. By participating in the W2I initiative you can also join the RCR team and train to run up to 5 miles in just 6 WEEKS (no previous running experience needed.)


If this sounds intriguing here are some resources to help you learn more:


  1. Watch the WalkToIsrael trailer on their website ( or (click here)

  2. Check out the FAQ section on the bottom of their website (click here)

  3. Go to to watch the RCR video to see how running has helped Rabbanim improve their health or (click here)

  4. Read praise from our pervious Rabbanim (click here)


Running can be a great way to lose weight, improve your health and give you more energy to be a better Rabbi both for your family and community.


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