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Rabbi Leib Kelemen - Rosh Kollel, CKD & Noted Author & International Lecturer 

Although we all give shiurim and are even koveya itim for our own limud Torah, it is less common that rabbanim take out time to review baal peh, to develop complex chiddushim, and to undertake cheshbon hanefesh.  We would all testify to the importance of these activities.  But when we are in the Beis Midrash, at home, or in the office, the environment consumes our attention and these crucial cornerstones of avodas Hashem get left behind.  Rabbiscanrun guarantees us a window for this sort of internal work several times each week.  It is the perfect excuse to get the spiritual upgrade many of us have put off for so long.

David H. Rosmarin, PhD - Assistant Professor of Psychology, Harvard Medical School & Director of The Center For Anxiety

Running is a proven formula to combat some of the greatest maladies of our times including obesity, heart disease, depression and anxiety. Rabbiscanrun is an innovative program that stands to not only improve but transform the spiritual, physical and mental health of the Jewish community.

Meir Kaniel, LSW -RabbisCanRun Program Director

Rabbiscanrun is a unique program that helps Rabbis improve their health. It's certainly challenging to find the extra 60 minutes a week to run but those who believe Vnishmartem is a Biblical obligation will find a way. We are all very busy before Succos and yet with G-d's help we find time to buy an Esrog. 

Owen Anderson, PHD- Elite Running Coach & RabbisCanRun Training Director 

I want to compliment RabbisCanRun as well as the Rabbis who are training for the marathon. Running can be a very spiritual undertaking as well as a physical one, and it produces lots and lots of gains for people and gains for those who are engaged in the running program.

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