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Rebbetzin B.K.

The training for the marathon probably more than the marathon itself was an amazing experience for my husband.  Everyone's job is very busy and finding the time to take care of oneself is universally difficult.  As we get older, this is not an area that we can ignore.  This program forced my husband to become aware and carve out time for himself. I wish he would participate every year!

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Rebbetzin F.F.

I loved the program! My husband had the opportunity to do something wonderful for his physical health with the most special incentive of a trip to Israel, the excitement, energy, and amazing feeling of accomplishment of the race, and the special mussar Shabbos with Rav Kelemen.

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Rebbetzin J.S.

Our entire family felt a connection as he prepared physically and emotionally for this challenge. Not only did he work hard to prepare for the run, but he also felt the importance of this worthy organization and raised a great deal of money as well. His medal still hangs proudly in our kitchen so that all who enter our home can see it.

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Rebbetzin A.R.

Our family really appreciated the opportunity to participate in the Rabbis Can Run program. It was fun to see everyone rally around my husband when he trained and chat with him about running. He bonded with friends in the greater community who sponsored him and helped him train, and he enjoyed the chance to be in Israel, raise money for a good cause and focus on his health

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Thank you to RabbisCanRun for believing in me and for helping me believe in myself. I can't believe I ran a 10k, 6.2 miles!

My husband joined the Rabbis Can Run  program. We were all very inspired by his commitment to see it through to the end since he is usually a very sedentary person.  While he has not continued his exercising as much as we would like,  it's ok because instead several members of our household have taken up the hobby. My two TEENAGERS and I run /jog together on motzei shabbos. It is a great bonding experience, and I'm so excited that they are practicing healthy habits so early in life. Thank you for introducing running into our lives.

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