The Challenge


Rabbiscanrun is searching across North America for a few good Clergy men to become our 2021 Running Rabbis! If you are a shul Rabbi or Rabbi serving as a school Principal and interested in (1) improving your physical health, (2) inspiring your Congregants/Students in an extremely fun and creative way and (3) helping to support a worthwhile charity….then KEEP READING!!


If you accept the challenge you will receive a FREE TRIP to Israel for the Jerusalem 10K ( ~6 miles) on October 29th 2021 as well as an incredible experience in Yerushalayim. We will provide you with the necessary support and training with the help of world class professional coaching, so you can successfully run and complete the 10K race (more advanced races are also available). You will also have the chance to enjoy a very special Shabbos together with the other Running Rabbis. 


This innovative and exciting project is only being made available to a limited number of Rabbis so if you are interested in this amazing life changing experience apply NOW. The deadline to become a Running Rabbi is July 29th and NO RUNNING EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED.

The Commitment


We have designed this program in a way to minimize the time commitment that will be required. 


  1. Weekly Running- The training for the race will last approximately 3 months, consisting of running 2 or 3 times a week for approximately 30-45 minutes each run

  2. Monthly Phone Calls (3 in total) - Our Running Rabbis will have a monthly conference call for the purpose of training. The calls will be approximately 60 minutes and include running guidance and discussions that connect running with spirituality.

  3. Running Chart- Each Running Rabbi will need to record their runs weekly on a chart that will be provided to them.


The FUNraising


In exchange for this incredible opportunity the Running Rabbis will share this campaign with their Shul Members/School parent body, friends and family and give them all the opportunity to contribute to a worthwhile charity and show support for their Rabbi or Principal.

Each participating Rabbi will be expected to send at least 3-4 emails to their contacts during the course of the campaign. Our collective fundraising goal for the campaign is an amount that enables participation for shuls and schools of all sizes. We will provide the technology and support to collect and track the donations. School Principals alternatively have the opportunity to organize a health oriented program for their students combined with a school fundraising event, instead of the email campaign. 


To make this campaign more exciting, the Running Rabbis will be involved in a special competition. Their hard work and commitment to the training and their success will be measured and compared on an individual basis. The winning Rabbi will receive a special award at the end of the campaign.