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Rabbi Nachum Wachtel

Rabbi Wachtel is the Judaic Studies Principal at RYNJ Lower School. He has 24 years of experience as an educator who recognizes the importance of providing a curriculum that meets the needs of today’s generation of students. Rabbi Wachtel shares the following about the importance of focusing on the student: "I believe that in every educational setting, be it formal or informal, the focus and center of attention must be on the student. All the other stakeholders, be they parents, staff, teachers, and administrators are all focused on the target- the student. If the student’s educational, emotional, social and physical needs are paramount, then the student will learn. If education is about teaching only, then the process will be on the accumulation of knowledge rather than about impacting the student."



"Thank you to RabbisCanRun for believing in me and for helping me believe in myself. I can't believe I ran a 10k, 6.2 miles!"

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