RabbisCanRun is a unique program across North America. This initiative is was created to enable Shul Rabbanim to improve their health, learn how to push their limits while also helping to support worthwhile charitable causes. 

The participating Rabbis receive a free trip to Israel and the opportunity to run their first 10k race in the Jerusalem Marathon.  They each benefit from personalized training and receive the necessary support to successfully complete the race and share a special Shabbos together in Eretz Yisroel.

The results of this past year's program were astounding. The Rabbis all completed the race and successfully ran more than 6 miles with only a few months of training. They learned how to push past their comfort zone to discover their hidden potential. They had the chance to run through the beautiful streets of Yerushalayim while also enjoying an incredible Shabbos experience they will never forget. 

Dani Yemini
CEO, Kav L'Noar

Dani has devoted his professional life to the informal education of young people, mainly with Bnei Akiva. He holds a B.A. in Educational Administration and an M.A. in Political Sciences, Government and Public Administration, both from Bar-Ilan University.  When starting work, he began at Bnei Akiva’s Head Office in Jerusalem.   Most recently, Dani worked at World Bnei Akiva as Head of the world Shlichut Department. Dani, born in Israel, is married to Dorit and has four children.

Owen Anderson, PHD
Training Director

Owen Anderson, PhD, is the founder of Lansing Sports Management, which coaches elite athletes from Kenya and manages their international competitions. He has enjoyed a successful career coaching runners of all levels. Coach Anderson is the race director of the annual Lansing Marathon, Lansing Half Marathon, and Ekiden Relay. In addition, he hosts running camps throughout the U.S., including the Lansing Marathon Running Camp in Thetford Center, Vermont. Coach Anderson was awarded a National Science Foundation fellowship and completed his PhD at Michigan State University.

Meir Kaniel, LSW
Program Coordinator & Coach

Meir Kaniel is a licensed social worker in New Jersey and running enthusiast. He received his Masters in Social Work from Fordham University and also works as an IT Manager in the Financial Services industry. He is the IT Director for Olami and the program coordinator for Rabbiscanrun. He is a proud husband and father of 6 who enjoys training Rabbis, running in marathons and speaking on the topic of running & spirituality. 

Rabbi Daniel Goldman

Rabbi Daniel Goldman is a pedorthist from Baltimore and a beloved teacher. He is also undergoing training to become a licensed rappelling instructor and leads extreme hiking trips in his spare time. Rabbi Goldman has been involved in running and endurance training for a number of years and has an incredible ability to draw out the potential in others. He is a proud husband and father of 4 who has successfully run several marathons in the US and overseas. 

Rabbi Eli Glaser, CNWC, CWMC 
Nutrition Director

Rabbi Glaser is a Certified Nutrition, Wellness, & Weight Management Consultant with over 23 years of experience in Jewish education, counseling, and coaching. He is the founder and President of Soveya, a non-profit organization that helps to provide educational programs and coaching services in Jewish communities throughout the world, addressing nutrition, wellness and weight management. Rabbi Glaser has successfully helped hundreds of individuals improve their diet and develop a healthier relationship with food. He is excited to utilize his training and experience to  help our Running Rabbis improve their health.